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Jetsetter's Journey AV8R Luggage Cover

Jetsetter's Journey AV8R Luggage Cover

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Make a statement even before take-off with our Jetsetter's Journey AV8R Luggage Cover. This unique and eye-catching cover not only protects your baggage but also adds a dash of aviator charm to your travels.

Adorned with the text 'AV8R' – a clever phonetic interpretation of 'Aviator' – this luggage cover is more than a protective layer. It's a badge of your aviation passion and a fun conversation starter in airport lounges or queues.

Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, this cover is designed to resist the wear and tear of frequent travel, keeping your luggage secure and looking good as new. Its versatile fit adapts to a wide range of suitcase sizes, ensuring your luggage stands out on any conveyor belt or baggage claim area.


As part of our aviation-inspired collection, the Jetsetter's Journey AV8R Luggage Cover is more than just a travel accessory. It's a tangible expression of your love for the skies, your wanderlust, and your aviation dreams. Whether you're an active pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or simply a traveler with a taste for unique designs, this luggage cover is your ideal travel companion. With our AV8R Luggage Cover, carry your aviator spirit with you, wherever your journeys take you!


  21'' × 14'' 25'' × 16'' 28'' × 20''
Height, cm 53.34 63.50 71.12
Width, cm 35.56 40.64 50.80
Length, cm 22.86 25.40 27.94


.: Material: 95% polyester, 5% spandex
.: Left-side and top slits for easy access to your luggage handles
.: Black zipper on the bottom
.: Available in 3 sizes

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