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Honeywell Flight Recorder-Inspired Can Holder

Honeywell Flight Recorder-Inspired Can Holder

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Introducing our eye-catching, vibrant orange "Honeywell Flight Recorder-Inspired Can Holder". Uniquely styled and vividly reminiscent of the iconic 'Black Box', this bright orange can holder is designed for those who enjoy a dash of fun and whimsy in their everyday items.

Crafted with a light-hearted, playful twist, this product features the well-known aviation phrase, 'FLIGHT RECORDER DO NOT OPEN,' along with the cheeky add-on, 'and I mean it'. It is an amusing nod to the Honeywell brand, known for its robust and reliable flight recorders.

Aside from its aesthetics, this can holder is practical too. Its bright orange hue mimics the color of real flight recorders - making it easily spotted in a busy setting, or even in your cluttered backpack or picnic basket. You will never lose sight of your beverage again!

Furthermore, it’s not just about keeping your drinks within sight. This can holder is designed to keep your beverage cool and refreshing. Whether you're hanging out at a beach, having a barbecue, or just chilling at home, it ensures that your drink remains at the ideal temperature.


Add a touch of fun, a splash of color, and a conversation-starting element to your drinkware collection with the Honeywell Flight Recorder-Inspired Can Holder. This is the perfect gift for aviation enthusiasts, beverage connoisseurs, and those who appreciate a fun and functional design. Buckle up and prepare for a refreshing takeoff!

  Regular Can Slim Can
Height, cm 10.92 15.24
Diameter, cm 8.89 8.89


.: White polyester exterior and black soft foam liner interior
.: Edge-to-edge print
.: Available in Two Sizes: Regular Can (3.5'' x 4.3'') and Slim Can (3.5'' x 6'')

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