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Pilot's Confidential Clipboard: The Unofficial Checklist

Pilot's Confidential Clipboard: The Unofficial Checklist

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Add a little altitude to your humor with our "Pilot's Confidential Clipboard: The Unofficial Checklist". This clipboard is a delightful blend of comedy and utility, designed specifically for the fearless aviators who rule the skies.

The design features a checklist like no other, highlighting tasks that no 'official' flight manual would dare to mention. Each item on this checklist has been handpicked for maximum hilarity, from the tongue-in-cheek task of counting the wings to the rib-tickling warning about confirming in-flight meals.

This clipboard, made with high-quality material and a durable clip, is not only sturdy but also spill-proof, for when that 'lift-off strong' coffee doesn't quite make it to your mouth. It's compact enough to fit into any flight bag but large enough to hold important documents and provide a solid writing surface.

Perfect for lightening the mood before takeoff or adding a bit of levity during those long-haul flights, our clipboard is a must-have for any pilot with a sense of humor. Whether you're a seasoned captain or a rookie still grappling with the right rudder, this clipboard will remind you to chuckle amid the challenges.

Remember, in the world of flying, it's all about maintaining your altitude and your attitude. With our "Pilot's Confidential Clipboard", you're sure to keep the latter high and the laughs coming!


  One size
Length, cm 22.86
Height, cm 31.75


.: Fiberboard base
.: Built-in pull-out hook
.: Option to add two-sided design
.: One size: 9'' × 12.5 ” (22.86 cm × 31.75 cm)

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